7 Motives to Focus on Daily Salad Eating

We often forget about salads or think of them as something unnecessary or too special. In reality, salads are a real treasure and a great way to get a daily amount of all the necessary nutrients and fiber without fear of overeating. There are many ways to create a fast and healthy salad that will fill you with fresh ingredients and increase your energy level.

But if you add too much dressing and fatty cheese or meat, your salad can turn into junk food. However, this does not mean that you should completely eliminate fats, just remember to add less fatty ingredients, and soon you will notice positive changes occurring in your body. The right ratio of proteins, vegetables, fruits, greens and a small amount of dressing, and your healthy and delicious lunch (and even the diner) will be ready in a few minutes, providing you with comfort and home-cooked meals.

But even if for some reason you do not have time, you can always order a takeaway salad in a fast food restaurant and some other grocery store. If you are still in doubt whether you should pay more attention to salad food or not, take a look at the following reasons that are considered in favor of this wonderful dish.

Better digestion and healthy guts

One of the most important ingredients of salads are vegetables (including lettuce), which are very rich in fiber. Although dietary fiber is not consumed by our body, it is indispensable for proper digestion. In addition, fiber helps us feel saturated for a relatively long period of time and eat less during the day.

All fibers can be divided into two main types: soluble and insoluble. The soluble type is digested only partially and forms gelatinous substances that add volume fibers to our stool to maintain regular bowel movements. The hard type of insoluble fiber is not digested; it helps to carry good bacteria, contributing to the convenient and effective absorption of nutrients

Reducing the risk of disease and cancer.

You probably know that fresh foods are good not only for digestion, but also for general health. The good news is that it’s even a little more: eating raw and juicy fruits and vegetables helps your body create natural barriers to neck and head cancer. According to research by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), even heavy smokers and drinkers, who often eat fresh food, may feel protected, at least from this type of cancer.

If you make daily eating salad a habit, it will counterbalance a couple of less healthy options, while cutting off two to three hundred calories a day. As NCI experts explain, carrots, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, pears and any beans are considered the most protective products against disease and cancer. Therefore, if you still have little time for salad, be sure to eat a few pieces of something fresh that you have at home.

It makes us younger and more energetic.

All components of the salad mainly contain vitamins, antioxidants, folic acid, beta-carotene and lycopene. Thanks to antioxidants, our cells are protected from damage and appearance is protected from aging. Even a few spoonfuls of lettuce a day contribute well to the flow of antioxidants into the body.

What’s more, salads supply you with vitamin C, which smooths wrinkles and wrinkles. In addition, eating fresh foods fills the body and mind with vital energy and keeps your activity throughout the day.

Weight loss

Studies have shown that if you start eating with salad, you feel saturated earlier, which means you consume fewer calories with your next dish. And it contributes to fewer calories per day! Guess what this is causing? Yes, to weight loss! Isn’t that what most people in their lives want?

In fact, one or even two dishes a day can be replaced with creative salads. Adding proteins to or next to them is a child’s fun: you can combine salad vegetables with fetas or other cheeses, chicken, fish or meat pieces. Or just place them next to the salad and eat like a dish. If you want to lose weight, consume low-fat meat and easily fill it with any dressing!

Don’t cut good fats!

In fact, fat is not as bad as you used to think. All fats can be divided into two main types: good (unsaturated) and bad (saturated). In fact, we should avoid saturated fats, as they clog our arteries and raise LDL (bad cholesterol). Unsaturated and monounsaturated fats, on the contrary, increase our good cholesterol levels, or HDL, and improve our blood pressure and digestion. Without them, some priceless phytochemicals, such as lutein or lycopene, contained in vegetables and fruits, could not be properly absorbed by our body.

According to a study by Ohio State University, our body absorbs 13 times more beta-carotene if you add 2.5 tablespoons of avocado to a salad of carrots, spinach and lettuce. And another study, conducted by Italian scientists, showed that people over 60 years of age, who daily include vegetables and olive oil, significantly increase life expectancy.

No more Bad Fat Men!

In addition, unsaturated fats give salads a creamy texture and a special taste that pleases most taste sensations. Fats are usually accompanied by proteins, which bring us even greater benefit, so be sure to add a little cheese or boiled eggs to salads.

When all these ingredients are mixed together, this wonderful composition becomes an excellent anti-appetite suppressant, and you usually feel saturated with less food than eating individual dishes.
Check out the RDI and try to contact it.

It is assumed that every day all people have a certain amount of essential nutrients, but not everyone actually gets as much as necessary. Unfortunately, many Americans are addicted to processed foods, and this addiction is one of the main causes of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Breaking old habits and creating new and healthy things is often difficult, but it’s the only way to change your life for the better. Fresh produce, compared to processed, contains ten times more nutrients and leaves you more healthy and energetic throughout the day.

Daily consumption of salads and rotation of various ingredients will allow you to get the right nutrition, necessary for your body, and keep health for the rest of your life. It would be even better if you went to a recommended daily appointment, or RDI, to make sure you had reached the right level recommended by our nutritionists.


So, whether you’re on a diet or not, keep in mind these 7 great reasons to eat salads every day. It is difficult to find a dish that would be more versatile in terms of nutrients like green salad, which is one of the healthiest and most nutritious options.

Creatively approach the ideas of salads for each season, and you can every day eat different, colorful and delicious dishes, not bored and not tired of the same taste sensations. Don’t forget to change the seasonings, but don’t forget to add more healthy meals with unsaturated fats, and your body and soul will thank you for it.